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2 killed in crash involving multiple semi-trailers

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Truck Accidents

Any motorist who has traveled on interstates and major highways in Indiana knows all too well the fear of driving around semi-trailers. The sheer size of these trucks is enough to intimidate even the most experienced drivers. Semi-trailers are often carrying heavy loads, so they can’t maneuver or stop as quickly as passenger vehicles. This is a contributing factor in many serious and fatal truck accidents.

Deadly interstate accident

Recently in Austin, a crash involving three semi-trailers claimed the lives of two people. The accident happened just before midnight on Interstate 65 in the southbound lanes near mile marker 33. A white semi-trailer was stopped on the roadway due to traffic in a construction zone. According to reports from Indiana State Police, a second semi-trailer had also slowed to a stop and was hit from behind by a third semi-trailer that didn’t slow down.

Accident reports said the impact knocked the second semi-trailer into the first one. Reportedly, the second and third semi-trailers caught fire and both drivers were killed. A passenger in one of the trucks was airlifted to a hospital with severe injuries, authorities said. I-65 southbound was reportedly closed for several hours following the deadly crash.

Help in the aftermath of a truck accident

Truck drivers must undergo training and obtain special licenses to operate these big rigs. Yet, despite this, semi-trailers still pose a significant risk to other drivers. Any person in Indiana who has been hurt or suffered the loss of loved ones in truck accidents caused by the negligence of another party has the right to speak with a lawyer about their options for recourse. Damages from a successful claim could help ease the pain and suffering of victims and families.



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