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Indiana Supreme Court

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Lake County Board of Commissioners v. State of Indiana,181 N.E.3d 960 (Ind. 2022) |

Angela represented the Lake County Board of Commissioners in a suit against the State regarding whether the State or the Board of Commissioners are considered the employer of Probation Officers in the County. After being defeated in the Marion Superior Court then again in the Court of Appeals, Angela obtained an unprecedented 5-0 decision in her favor by the Indiana Supreme Court after oral arguments were heard forever changing the law as it relates to Probation Officers and their defense and indemnification.

Indiana Court of Appeals

Jatinder K. Kansal, M.D., P.C. v. Taylor Krieter: 22A-CT-2646

Munster Steel Co., Inc. v. Centennial Village, LLC: Indiana Court of Appeals: 21A-PL-01154

Guy Mikulich v. Lake County, Indiana: 45A03-1705-PL-1167

Perpetual Wambugu v. Palmer Funeral Homes, Inc.: 71A03-1609-CT-02255

Hall, Brenda v. Dallman Contractors, LLC et al: 49A02-1502-CT-00067

Lake County Board of Commissioners v. State of Indiana: 20A-MI-01527

Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Ja’Lin Williams v. Norfolk Southern Corporation, et al: 18-2517: COA/2:15-cv-28

Trial Victories

Wendy Royal v. D&D Napa, Inc and Casey Byrd: 45D11-2012-CT-1188

Vernetta McDonald v. Allstate: 45D11-1704-CT-00093

Linda J. Lambert v. Stephen P. Lenker: 45D02-1704-CT-00021

Michael Howard v. Gerardo Soto: 45D09-1802-CT-000008

Perpetual Wambugu v. Palmer Funeral Homes, Inc.: 71D07-1307-CT-000172

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