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The Proven Ally You Need In A Brain Injury Or Wrongful Death Case

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Wrongful death and brain injury cases are some of the toughest types of personal injury claims. The losses in these cases are significant. Family members are left holding the pieces after a tragic accident overturned their entire lives. They then have to face legal and insurance hurdles to get the financial resources they need to move forward.

At The Law Office of Angela M. Jones, LLC, I focus on these types of cases because I want to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. I know what a terrible injustice it is to lose a loved one – whether to a severe brain injury or a fatal accident – and then be faced with legal roadblocks. I’m Angela Jones, and I will fight for you so that you don’t have to take on any more burdens.

I Take Decisive Action To Get Results

You shouldn’t have to wait five years or longer to get compensation after a catastrophic accident. You need financial resources sooner rather than later.

I take an aggressive approach, filing lawsuits to demand justice rather than tiptoeing around settlement discussions. Without this approach, insurance companies will often use defense tactics to drag out cases for years.

As a fierce litigator with extensive experience, I fight hard for my clients. I push toward trial because that is often what it takes to get clients the results they deserve.

I enlist trusted specialists in various fields – for example, vocational experts, life care planners and medical experts – to support my clients’ cases. Traumatic brain injury and wrongful death cases involve high financial stakes because so much is lost – your loved one’s companionship, their financial and emotional support, and their life or quality of life. I will make sure that your compensation addresses all of these losses.

Start Pursuing Compensation And Justice

Of course, no amount of money can make up for the tragic loss of your loved one. A sizeable financial recovery in a wrongful death or personal injury case can make a difference in your life moving forward, which is what your loved one would have wanted. It also provides accountability and closure.

Find out how I can help you start down that road. Call me at 219-595-3383 or send me an email to arrange a free consultation. I represent clients throughout northwestern Indiana.

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