I Never Back Down From Doing What Is Right

I Never Back Down From Doing What Is Right

A Voice For The Underdogs In Personal Injury Cases

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When you have been involved in a serious accident or tragically lost a loved one, you need an attorney you can trust to fight for you. Powerful insurance companies are often on the hook in these cases. You need an advocate who can take on these goliaths.

You will find a fierce ally in me, personal injury lawyer Angela Jones, at The Law Office of Angela M. Jones, LLC. I am passionate about serving as an advocate for those without a voice. I have a proven track record representing injury victims across northwest Indiana and I’m not afraid to try your case to a jury of your peers

I Know What It Takes To Win Challenging Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury is a big focus of my practice. I excel at handling tough cases when the stakes are high, such as those involving brain injuries and wrongful death.

I also handle:

With any type of injury case, you can count on me to fight for what’s right. I’m passionate about holding insurance companies and negligent parties accountable.

Standing Between You And The Insurance Company

When you’re dealing with insurance issues in personal injury cases, it’s easy to get taken advantage of. Insurance companies don’t adequately value emotional harm or the long-term effects of physical injuries. They don’t care what injury victims are going through. They don’t care that you may be laid up for weeks or months after an injury. They don’t care that life may never again be the same for you.

I do care. I stand between insurers and my clients, relying on my experience as a former insurance adjuster and attorney to insurance companies to protect you. I am truly passionate about fighting for the underdogs who have already suffered the misfortune of a devastating accident or injury.

Powerful In Court

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As a female litigator, I have built a formidable reputation in courtrooms across northwestern Indiana. I am not afraid to take your case all the way to trial, and defense attorneys around northwest Indiana know that and so do their clients. I won’t back down and take the easy way out and that makes for a powerful opponent

I don’t let cases sit around gathering dust. I take swift action, filing lawsuits to motivate insurance companies or other defendants and let them know I am serious.

Let’s Talk During A Free Consultation

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I am eager to learn more about you and how I can help you get the compensation you need. Please contact me online or call 219-595-3383 so we can chat during a free consultation. It’s important to know that throughout your case, you will work directly with me, not associates or paralegals, so I want you to feel comfortable and welcome.

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