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Night driving recommendations to increase safety

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2024 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Motor Vehicle Accidents

With so many vehicles sharing roadways across Indiana, driving when the conditions are perfect can still be a challenge. At night, however, limited visibility can make driving dangerous. Recent data suggests that the chances for serious or fatal accidents are nearly three times greater at night than during the day. Here are a few recommendations to help improve visibility and make nighttime driving safer 

Use headlights correctly 

Headlights help drivers see the road during low light conditions. They also help make a vehicle visible to other drivers. It is recommended that drivers turn headlights on at least an hour before dusk and up to an hour after sunrise to ensure their vehicle is visible to others in or near the roadway.  

High beams versus low beams 

Knowing how and when to use high and low beams is also important. When there’s inclement weather or heavy fog, be sure to use low beams only. In these conditions, high beams make visibility worse. Only use high beams when there are no other vehicles present. 

Never drive drowsy 

Never attempt to drive at night while drowsy or fatigued. Drivers are far more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel when driving at night. To combat drowsiness, make sure ventilation is good in the vehicle and take frequent breaks. Also, never follow another vehicle too closely, especially at night. The safe following distance is four to five seconds, which allows for more response time in case a problem arises.  

Help in the aftermath of an accident 

Many drivers prefer to travel at night since roadways are typically less crowded. However, there are unique risks that come with driving at night. Those in Indiana who have suffered injuries or loss in motor vehicle accidents caused by negligence can get help by consulting an experienced legal professional. A successful lawsuit could result in compensation to help victims and families recover from a serious accident. 



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