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Driver arrested after motorcyclist seriously injured

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Motor Vehicle Accidents

Thousands of motorcyclists call Indiana home. Motorcycles can be a fun way to get around, but they are also considered by many to be dangerous. However, the main concern for motorcyclists is not the motorcycles themselves, but rather the other vehicles on the road. Motorcycles have a small profile so they can be more difficult for other drivers to see. Many motorcycle accidents happen simply because the other driver did not see the motorcycle.

Accident details

Recently in Elkhart County, a driver was arrested after colliding with a motorcycle and injuring the rider. The accident happened during the early morning hours on US-6 near County Road 9. Reports said a vehicle was headed east on US-6 and attempted to make a left turn onto County Road 9. According to reports from the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department, the driver turned into the path of an oncoming motorcycle and caused a collision.

Reportedly, the rider was thrown from the motorcycle and taken to an area hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. Police suspected the driver to be under the influence of drugs and placed him under arrest. He was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

Legal recourse

It is completely impossible to predict when an accident will happen. Those in Indiana who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of another party have the right to consult a seasoned personal injury attorney about their options for legal recourse. Damages from a successfully litigated lawsuit could supply victims with monetary relief to pay medical expenses and recover lost wages.



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