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How to recover from severe spinal cord injuries

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) happen when the spine sustains damage because of force or impact, usually present in different accidents, such as collisions or slips and falls. In severe cases, the trauma can have life-altering effects, impacting an individual’s life for a long time. Sometimes, a patient can lose feeling or control of essential body functions, possibly including bowel movements and vital senses.

Ideally, people can prevent or avoid accidents that can cause SCIs. Still, some incidents can be inevitable, making specific forms of treatment crucial for recovery.

Healing from SCIs

The most appropriate treatment of SCIs can vary according to severity and their details. Each case may require a unique treatment plan designed to manage symptoms and rehabilitate the patient, such as the following:

  • Hospital care and surgery — The accident’s circumstances could suggest that an SCI happened. As long as the suspicion exists, seeking urgent medical attention is vital. By adequately recognizing the injury and performing appropriate tests, treating physicians can issue suitable treatments, such as surgery, if necessary.
  • Ongoing physical rehabilitation and mental health support  Severe cases of SCI not only cause physical impairments but also mental health disorders. Services focusing on these issues can be beneficial.
  • Specialized treatments and physicians to target complications  Other health issues can stem from SCIs, causing patients to suffer more over time. Regular examinations and treatments overseen by experienced specialists could be essential.

Additionally, these services may only help patients heal from SCIs but cannot guarantee a full recovery from severe injuries and disabilities.

Affording appropriate medical care

Medical treatments and services for SCIs can be expensive, possibly becoming too much for the average American to afford. In these instances, patients may have no choice but to take legal action and pursue compensation to cover these costs. Before filing a personal injury claim, they could seek legal guidance to help determine if negligence played a part in their accident and caused their SCIs.



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